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Hire professionals to handle your project from logo design and printing to high-end video editing.

2D, 3D Graphics

Get modern, minimalist and simple branding from event flyer designs to professional logos, letterheads and resume designs, all budget-friendly. Did you know that Sekegha Graffeg logo designs come with a free business card design and a custom QR Code?

Web Design, Development

If you like the Sekegha Graffeg website, order yours and get a modern, responsive, functional and attractive website designed professionally with optional features.

Online Marketing

Do you trade merchandise or render services? Do you own a personal brand that needs publicity, but you just do not know how? With free graphic designs and 24/7 page management, let Sekegha Graffeg help get you seen online and also grow your clients for a token.

Custom QR Codes

From Facebook likes to web links, and contact files to online purchases, Quick Response Codes have become the most useful application of Artificial Intelligence used the world over. Sekegha Graffeg makes creative and functional custom QR Codes. Simply download a QR Code scanner from your mobile app store and you're good to go!

Media Coverage and Production

You want only professionals to cover your memorable event. Sekegha Graffeg delivers photography and editing, with motion graphics that would wow your viewers.


We offer Computer Appreciation and Graphic Design Training. Contact us to get information about the next training.

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