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Who Are We

We are a Nigerian-made, global-reaching Graphic Design brand set up with the aim of delivering professional Graphic Design services to the world.

The Vision

To be the world’s largest and most Professional Graphic Design company out of Nigeria, Africa.

The Mission

To give priority to creativity, attention to detail and proper research as a means to deliver endless professionalism.

The Origin

The brand name, Sekegha Graffeg, was created on February 26th, 2016 by Pham-Izulu Sidney Sekegha, a Nigerian from Bayelsa State. Sekegha is a native Ijaw name, which is translated to mean ‘an acceptable gift’ or ‘that gift which cannot be rejected. This is also the founder’s middle name. Graffeg is Welsh for ‘Graphics’, reflecting our limitless global reach.

Our 6-D Process



Marketing breeds client interactions. When the brief is delivered, the team estimates time and effort, and it is onto the next phase.



To define outcomes, we start with the end in mind. We look upstream to what the client is trying to accomplish so we can agree on the definition of success specific to the project.



Here, we attend to all four phases of learning, (Prepare, Learn, Transfer, Achieve). We plan and manage the learning transfer process and redefine the finish lines as on-the-job results.



Our design team provides performance support to sustain motivation. At the very least, this means that our designers have the support of the creative director. At best, they have job aids, performance support tools, and necessary coaching to help them during the ‘Achieve’ phase.



Because we truly want our design team to learn something new from every project, we make sure they understand the context of what they are learning, make learning relevant to their professional growth requirements, make utility of content clear using memorable learning methods, and ensure they have the time for practice and feedback.



Of course, it is important to measure performance. It is important for designers, and their directors to know what is working, what is not, and what the impact is to the business.

Why choose SG?

We do not treat every client the same; we tailor your needs to your project. We believe in professionalism and that is what we offer.

Reach us on WhatsApp at any time of the day for enquiries and job briefs.

We have a growing team of young, creative and hardworking people who do all it takes to deliver quality services all the time.

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